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    real talk the first place id hit up during the purge is the pet store u gonna see me on the street with 50 puppies on leashes

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    No, I’m not a Criminal.

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    the cucumber saga

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    a headline from my perfect world

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    If you’re Christian I hope you don’t believe asexuality exists because you are implying you and/or others are immune from sinful lust, which is applying divine properties to humans and therefore defying crucial theological principles.

    It’s just in asexuals are actually have divine properties 

    lmao oh my goodness

    finally the recognition i deserve, the godly kind

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    leeandlow submitted to medievalpoc:

    The Diversity Gap in the highest grossing science fiction and fantasy films. Sad, right? You can see the full study here.

    I highly recommend reading the entire article.

    from the infographic:

    Among the top 100 domestic grossing films:

    • only 8% of films star a protagonist of color
    • of the 8 protagonists of color, all are men; 6 are played by Will Smith and 1 is a cartoon character (Aladdin)
    • 0% of protagonists are women of color
    • 0% of protagonists are LGBTQ
    • 1% of protagonists are people with a disability

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    if youre in a heterosexual relationship like who gets to be the woman and who gets to be the other woman?

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    Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

    But we can’t show people of the same gender kissing on-screen. Amazing.

    But… It’s an 18 (in the Uk)
    How did a TV-14 on a network channel get an 18 rating, they can’t even show a buttcrack for gods sake!

    Well, aside from the brutal killings… Ok, yea it couldn’t be a 15. We need more ratings. Why not just use all the ages?

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  11. as a member of the LGBT (Lesbophobic Gay male, Belligerent Transphobe) community I think,

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    One chart says it all about the government and female bodies 

    We’re only halfway through 2014, and state legislators have already introduced a whopping 468 restrictions intended to limit, control or otherwise regulate women’s reproductive rights.

    How many comparable bills have been introduced to regulate men’s reproductive health care during this period? Zero. 

    Something’s very wrong with this picture.

    What would restricting male reproductive rights even look like? | Follow micdotcom


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    "Girl Scouts promote lesbianism and abortion!"

    Yes why do you think I bought 15 boxes of thin mints. 

    Yes, but Girl Scout shouldn’t be a thing, it should just be Scouting of America!!

    Girls Scouts became a thing because guys could not and still cannot handle women in their troops defend the girl scouts to the fucking death because we aren’t equal and taking away safe spaces for young girls won’t achieve that either 

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    Out of the Closets, Into the Streets: Gay Liberation photography 1971-1973 at Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne

    1. Phillip Potter. Gay is Good,1971, printed 2014

    Digital C type print on Kodak Endura Matte
    © Phillip Potter

     2. Phillip Potter. Queens, 1971

    3. Ponch Hawkes.Gay Liberation march, Russell Street, Melbourne. Melbourne, 1973

    4. Rennie Ellis.The Kiss, Gay Pride Week, Melbourne 1973. Silver gelatin photograph. © Rennie Ellis

    5. Barbara Creed.Julian Desaily and Peter McEwan in the back of a VW Combi van, Melbourne. Melbourne, c. 1971-73. Digital C type print on Kodak Endura Matte. © Barbara Creed

    6. John Englart.Dancing with the Hare Krishnas in the Sydney Domain. Sydney, 1973.Digital C type print on Kodak Endura Matte. © John Englart

    7, 8 & 9. Anonymous. Graffiti on Melbourne streets.1971-73

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    This is literally a Tumblr classroom.



    This movie was my childhood

    I must watch this

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